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Herring fillet in chilli paprika aspic

MSC herring fillet in a piquant chilli paprika aspic. Contains acid.
Contents: 200 g

Ingredients: Herring fillets – Clupea harengus (50%), chilli paprika aspic (47%) (water, edible gelatine, distilled vinegar, table salt, acid: malic acid; seasoning (iodised salt, modified starch, sugar, yeast extract, flavouring (with celery), spices), sweetener: sodium saccharin), paprika cubes (2.5%), chilli (0.5%).

FAO major fishing area 27 Northeast Atlantic, Norwegian Sea

Fishing method: pelagic trawl fishery

Average nutritional values per 100 g

Energy values

567 kJ
  136 kcal


14 g

of which sugar

0,2 g
0 g

of which saturated fatty acids

8,8 g
1,8 g

Dietary fibres

0,1 g


0,7 g